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What is DocoaBrowser?

DocoaBrowser lets you browse and search Apple's Cocoa frameworks documentation as well as your own source code documentation in AutoDoc format. It can instruct its companion application AutoGraf to generate different kinds of diagrams for Apple's frameworks or your own Objective-C projects.

DocoaBrowser is a free application, with its source code available under the GPL.


Download DocoaBrowser 1.0(includes source code) from a SourceForge mirror-site near you.

Key Features

DocoaBrowser provides you with a hierarchical overview of available class and method documentation. Initially, this will be the documentation for Apple's Foundation, AppKit and WebKit frameworks, generated from the HTML shipped with the Developer Tools. You can add your own project's documentation by clicking the button labeled with a '+'-sign at the bottom left of the main window.

Use the search field in the toolbar of the main window to quickly jump to the documentation for a certain item. Just enter the first few letters of the item's name. DocoaBrowser will try to auto-complete the entered string. To see a list of all matching item titles, press the down arrow key on your keyboard. Select an item using the return key. Use the checkboxes next to the documentation sources names to select the sources that should be searched when using the search field.

To generate diagrams using AutoGraf, DocoaBrowser's companion application select the documentation source and click the "AutoGraf" button. AutoGraf is then opened and generates a diagram for the classes contained in the selection. For more information about AutoGraf's features see the AutoGraf's online help. Note that clicking on a classes or methods name in AutoGraf instructs DocoaBrowser to browse to the documentation for the clicked item.

DocoaBrowser History

DocoaBrowser is inspired by Cocoa Browser written by Hoshi Takanori and others. Until version 0.4, DocoaBrowser was built on top of the Cocoa Browsers code base. Starting with version 1.0 DocoaBrowser has been completly rewritten from scratch to provide better integration with its companion application AutoGraf and the AutoDoc utility.

Detailed Version History

v1.0 (2004-17-05)
Applied the following patches submitted by Ladd Van Tol: v0.2 (2004-03-07)
Applied the following patches by Da Woon Jung: v0.1 (2003-08-28)

Working AutoDoc Documentation

AutoDoc is a utility for generating source code documentation from comments within the Objective-C source code. For more information about the AutoDoc comment syntax download the latest AutoDoc source code package from and see the enclosed AutoDoc Guide.

Source Code Availability

Docoa Browser's source code is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) from this address: See the file 'copying' included with the source code for the terms of GPL.


Carl E. Lindberg and Don Yacktman for the AutoDoc utility and the MiscKit. See for more information about the MiscKit and AutoDoc.

Hoshi Takanori and others for the original CocoaBrowser version.

System Requirements

Contact Information

For comments, suggestions and questions about DocoaBrowser or AutoGraf feel free to contact:
Ilja A. Iwas and Da Woon Jung
(e-mail adresses included in the Read Me file shipping with DocoaBrowser)